Timecard Consolidator pulls time entries from OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel based timecards and provides useful rolled-up views of the time data.

Timecard Consolidator accepts TinyTimeTracker files as well as timecard workbooks created by hand. TinyTimeTracker is a very nifty personal time tracking tool available on SourceForge. If you've got to do time tracking, that's the tool to use.

If you have multiple TinyTimeTracker users in your organization, someone probably wants a consolidated view of everyone's timecards. Or if you are doing monthly billing from your weekly timecard data, you probably want a consolidated view of your timecards for the month. In either case, Timecard Consolidator is the tool for you.

Timecard Consolidator will consolidate your timecards in order to provide one set of rolled-up hours by task for varying time periods. This automated process saves loads of time and avoids the potential for error you would have with a manual manipulation of the workbooks/worksheets.

Timecard Consolidator provides a user friendly web-based interface to review and edit the data, but you can also write your own queries and reports on the database.

To get started, you need Ruby, Rails, a relational database, and Timecard Consolidator. Download the application from its RubyForge project page. Then take a look at the configuration details in the doc folder.

Help is available on the forums.